Marvel Teases "Death Of X" For Fall 2016 | Comic Book Resources https://t.co/Cj3fKgaXHt @cbrさんから
03-27 00:01

マーベルが新たなティーザー「デス・オブ・X」を発表した。不穏なタイトルだが、ファンの間では、現在台詞上で「死んだ」とのみされているサイクロップスの死の真相が明かされるのではと、憶測が飛んでいる。2016年秋から。>RT https://t.co/AuFkdfc0Ta
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03-27 00:09

Axel-In-Charge: Exploring the "Civil War II" Tie-Ins, Hints of "Angela's" Future | Comic Book Resources https://t.co/A9HsHXFeya @cbrさんから
03-27 00:17

WONDERCON: "Marvel: Next Big Thing" with Bendis, Soule and More | Comic Book Resources https://t.co/nk2k6oeKc3 @cbrさんから
03-27 00:18

RT @Marvel: Fall 2016. #DeathofX https://t.co/xWSDHcNJ3Q
03-27 00:28

RT @DCComics: .@TomKingTK just announced he's writing BATMAN and BATMAN REBIRTH! First issue out 6/1! #DCRebirth https://t.co/HF2dws10fq
03-27 02:15

RT @DCComics: .@JamesTheFourth is going to be writing DETECTIVE COMICS for #DCRebirth! Issue #934 is out 6/8! https://t.co/8380W5FOER
03-27 02:15

RT @DCComics: .@HackinTimSeeley takes the reins on NIGHTWING in #DCRebirth! Check it out 7/13! https://t.co/7CE0ruh8vH
03-27 02:15

RT @DCComics: #DCRebirth has announced @hopelarson will be writing BATGIRL, starting 7/13! https://t.co/tmI641SRmr
03-27 02:16

RT @DCComics: BATGIRL & THE BIRDS OF PREY just announced at #DCRebirth, with @thejuliebenson and @TeelaJBrown writing! https://t.co/tDS2CnF
03-27 02:16

RT @DCComics: ALL STAR BATMAN just announced at #DCRebirth with @Ssnyder1835 and John Romita, Jr. teaming up! https://t.co/nJs1LVyHlB
03-27 02:16

RT @DCComics: ACTION COMICS picks up at issue #957 with @thedanjurgens continuing the story of SUPERMAN: LOIS & CLARK #DCRebirth https://t.…
03-27 02:17

RT @DCComics: .@PeterJTomasi and @patrick_gleason team up for SUPERMAN, coming 6/1! #DCRebirth https://t.co/rNdObb1R0C
03-27 02:17

RT @DCComics: NEW SUPER-MAN is here with @geneluenyang writing! Check it out 7/13! #DCRebirth https://t.co/h0ieuHU0Sf
03-27 02:17

RT @DanSlott: All-Star Batman w/ Scott Snyder & JRJR!!!SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! INSTANT BUY! #DCRebirth
03-27 02:18

RT @DCComics: SUPERGIRL has a new writer with @thesteveorlando starting 8/17! #DCRebirth https://t.co/PuNkc4udMK
03-27 02:18

RT @DCComics: TRINITY, featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman starts 8/10 with @FrancisManapul leading! #DCRebirth https://t.co/GybN9
03-27 02:19

RT @DCComics: A new series, SUPERWOMAN, is coming 8/10 with @Philjimeneznyc! https://t.co/MKIMpw8UEl
03-27 02:19

RT @DCComics: @ruckawriter returns with @LiamRSharp to WONDER WOMAN this June for #DCRebirth! https://t.co/PZoIJbdCfF
03-27 02:19

RT @comicsalliance: Gene Yang and Viktor Bogdanovic tackle New Super-Man, which features a teen from Shanghai getting powers. #DCRebirth ht…
03-27 02:24

RT @DCComics: JUSTICE LEAGUE gets artists with @TonyDanielx2 and Fernando Pasarin starting 7/6! #DCRebirth https://t.co/UvmIVx8SDf
03-27 02:29

RT @DCComics: HAL JORDAN & THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS starts 7/13 with @robertvenditti and @EthanVanSciver #DCRebirth https://t.co/sQ953saGtU
03-27 02:33

RT @DCComics: A new #DCRebirth series, GREEN LANTERNS, comes out 6/1 with @samhumphries and @geoffjohns. https://t.co/Zw7stsi4dn
03-27 02:36

RT @DCComics: .@samhumphries will be taking us on a journey with new Lanterns this June. #DCRebirth https://t.co/ZxBbssGRhh
03-27 02:37

RT @DCComics: .@johnsemper is moving from animation to comics with CYBORG, coming in August! #DCRebirth https://t.co/zoALcgpHx5
03-27 02:39

RT @DCComics: TITANS HUNT becomes TITANS in #DCRebirth, and @VincentAbnett will continue writing the amazing story! https://t.co/Wf4HDPy2zz
03-27 02:43

RT @DCComics: @AquamanShrine continues his Seven Seas storyline with @VincentAbnett coming this June. #DCRebirth https://t.co/nRejnWkjqX
03-27 02:43

RT @DCComics: .@philipsytan and @JimLee just discussed the new #DCRebirth SUICIDE SQUAD, coming soon! https://t.co/E5rnZgUGzE
03-27 02:47

RT @DCComics: At #DCRebirth @jpalmiotti & @amandarantsalot just announced they'll be writing the new HARLEY QUINN, coming august! https://t…
03-27 02:48

RT @DCComics: GREEN ARROW restrings his bow to return in #DCRebirth with @benjamin_percy as writer, coming 6/1! https://t.co/04yOvCfXQI
03-27 02:51

RT @DCComics: RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS returns this July with @ScottyLobdell and @dextersoy! #DCRebirth https://t.co/yM2HN9yHRZ
03-27 02:52

RT @DCComics: .@simonoliver01 and @moritatart team up to bring THE HELLBLAZER to #DCRebirth! Coming 7/20 https://t.co/wxoMg9brey
03-27 02:52

RT @DCComics: Christopher Priest takes on DEATHSTROKE for #DCRebirth starting 8/10! https://t.co/AUVZspKHav
03-27 02:53

RT @DCComics: .@thedanjurgens & @thebernardchang to continue advancing the story of BATMAN BEYOND starting September! #DCRebirth https://t.…
03-27 02:54

RT @DCComics: BLUE BEETLE in #DCRebirth features TWO Blue Beetles starting this August! https://t.co/Ay8fe4N5Lq
03-27 02:54

RT @DCComics: Damian Wayne & Jonathan White team up in the new #DCRebirth series SUPER SONS, coming September! https://t.co/dh8vRPlJNY
03-27 02:55

RT @DCComics: Damian Wayne takes the lead of a new team of TEEN TITANS starting this September! #DCRebirth https://t.co/HbdPXClspI
03-27 02:55

RT @DCComics: #DCRebirth begins May 25th with the DC Universe Rebirth Special, written by @geoffjohns! https://t.co/r9Lkji718f
03-27 11:10

WonderCon: Brian Michael Bendis Preps Marvel For "Civil War II" & Beyond | Comic Book Resources https://t.co/OeWfZMhPZj @cbrさんから
03-27 13:11

DC Comics REBIRTH Recap - Creative Teams, Schedule & a Few New Details https://t.co/EMbk1DEwOV @Newsaramaさんから
03-27 13:28

『シビル・ウォー【限定生産・普及版】 』映画公開記念!原作コミックが部数限定でお求めやすい価格に!新カバーデザイン!初心者向け解説も!4/9発売、予約受付中。¥ 1,998!https://t.co/5Pc1t5itsC https://t.co/ziDhJNA2B7
03-27 13:37

RT @5454_suruzo: ショーンマーフィー先生のウルヴァリンアルファベットのシリーズ凄い好きなんですけど、本にはなって無いのかな https://t.co/UxRZ5AxEKj
03-27 14:03

海パン。 https://t.co/X32NKpfW4o
03-27 14:12

RT @ChrisEvansPH: Best Look At The Heroes Of Marvel's #CaptainAmericaCivilWar In New Full Body Images https://t.co/s1XbD5ckPC https://t.co/
03-27 14:17

RT @ChrisEvansPH: Best Look At The Heroes Of Marvel's #CaptainAmericaCivilWar In New Full Body Images https://t.co/s1XbD5ckPC https://t.co/
03-27 14:17

『キャプテン・アメリカ:ニューディール』あの名作が待望の復刊!9.11直後のテロの時代を背景に、アメリカが目指すべき新たな理想を真摯に追い求める問題作!6月発売、予約受付中。https://t.co/uR5A3UsYhW https://t.co/gJKcQaADz0
03-27 14:25

シビル・ウォー クロスオーバー・シリーズ 第2期、最終巻は映画も話題の新ヒーロー『ブラックパンサー:シビル・ウォー』!!6月発売。*システムの関係で最終巻は定期購読のみの受付。https://t.co/76BRTWNI1Y https://t.co/aZ0tfLiejV
03-27 14:27

『ニューアベンジャーズ:イルミナティ』マーベル・マスト・リード・シリーズ最後を飾るのは、秘密組織イルミナティ!5月発売、予約締切:4月20日*最終巻は定期購読のみの受付になります。https://t.co/R8inVhclFt https://t.co/uC6Ofl9Du7
03-27 14:30

『デッドプール Vol.4:デッドプール VS. シールド』デッドプールが、悪徳SHIELD捜査官と直接対決!コールソンやクロスボーンも登場!4/13発売、予約受付中。https://t.co/1B0xVS20s7 https://t.co/D3ZDSM5LOh
03-27 14:57

『ホークアイ VS. デッドプール(仮) 』映画や翻訳本で人気の二大ヒーローが共演!ハロウィンの夜、デッドプールと二人のホークアイが街を駆ける!5/25発売、予約受付中。https://t.co/0kcmkHxgfW https://t.co/xDn93H1YYo
03-27 15:00

『マーベル スパイダーマンの日常 THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SPIDERMAN』スパイダーマンがヒーローの日常生活を赤裸々に語る傑作!5/31発売、予約受付中。https://t.co/e9H4RlQMW2 https://t.co/SlrVrGcw0l
03-27 15:08

@5454_suruzo こちらこそ、よろしくお願いします!
03-27 16:54

RT @GunwildPrime: Zack Snyder says that he lets #Batman kill and use guns because of Dark Knight Returns. I don't think he's read it. https…
03-27 22:38

RT @DanSlott: The next chapter has the scene Snyder talks about. He uses a gun and kills someone. It's the 1 time in all of DKR. https://t.…
03-27 23:11

RT @DanSlott: It's a powerful, shocking moment in an alt universe story of Batman in his final days. And Miller set us up for it w/ the ear…
03-27 23:11

RT @DanSlott: The scene is so against Batman's personal code, it puts us on a path where we don't know where the story will go. It's NOT me…
03-27 23:11

RT @DanSlott: Every other sequence with guns in DKR puts the lie to that scene.Every other one. https://t.co/ifJDTjwASO
03-27 23:11

RT @DanSlott: In DKR, Batman is NOT "killing all the time".When it comes down to it, he can't even kill the Joker.And Joker snaps his OWN…
03-27 23:12

RT @DanSlott: It's so weird to me that with everything that happened in DKR, that ONE scene-- out of context-- was Zack Snyder's take away.…
03-27 23:12

RT @macgyjp: Netflix 3月31日追加予定(BBC)ドクター・フーSHERLOCK/シャーロックLUTHER/刑事ジョン・ルーサートップ・オブ・ザ・レイクHappy Valleyトップ・ギア他
03-27 23:35

RT @weepingangel013: 香港の映画館に配備されてるシビルウォー版1/1キャップ。AoUのリペイントではなく新規造形のようだけど今度もホットイ製だろうか?(゚Д゚) それとも野獣王国かhttps://t.co/WeUYmAIHY0 https://t.co/R
03-27 23:54











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